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The music of Acoustic Mining Company is as familiar as an old friend, just as acoustic music should be.
 The percussive mandolin style of Terry Martin and banjo work of Patrick Padgett interplay like overheard conversations, while classically trained members Chris Kolakowski, upright bass, and fiddler Joel Denman take the discussion into entirely unexpected directions. Two guitars and harmony voices complete a full, warm sound, provided by Jeff Ames and Steve Suh. Whether the band is offering up a traditional fiddle tune, covering a unique song or breaking ground with original songwriting there's always an exciting relationship at work, joining disciplined musicianship with acoustic mayhem.

There is a Colorado sound, a special something we all enjoy here that requires no name. From Boulder's Fox Theatre to Crestone Music Festival, every musician feels it, every listener hears it. AMCO has developed a distinct take on that sound for over 10 years, playing the venues, breweries and festivals that connect us to that Colorado experience. AMCO is simply in the right place, doing the right thing, making interesting, engaging acoustic music.

Jeff Ames

Guitar and vocals

Joel Denman

Fiddle and vocals

Terry Martin


Steve Suh

Guitar and vocals

Chris Kolakowski

Upright bass

Patrick Padgett


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